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 Earth Hour

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PostSubject: Earth Hour   Sun 30 Mar 2008, 16:42


How many of you (if any!?) took part in this?

Did you know it was even happening?

Do you think it will do any good?

confused Question

While I think people need to be made aware of issues like this, turning all your lights off and having a laugh sat in the dark for an hour isn't much, is it?

When the hour was up I bet the lights all went back on, the TV was left on standby all night and they are still counting down the day's till their flights across the world.
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PostSubject: Re: Earth Hour   Mon 31 Mar 2008, 00:50

I saw the black google screen, but think I was too late to take part

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PostSubject: Re: Earth Hour   Mon 31 Mar 2008, 02:16

I dont know when it started either, but there is nothing like the google screen going black to at least raise some awareness.

at the end of the day, it is energy saved, even if it is only for one hour.
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PostSubject: Re: Earth Hour   

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Earth Hour
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