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 'Work or lose home'

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PostSubject: 'Work or lose home'   Tue 05 Feb 2008, 21:16


I can't really see how this would work, if they are kicking out those who will not/ are not working, then where will they go? I would take a guess at a B&B paid for by the council.

And while we are on the subject, do you think that there should be an investigation into the household income every so often for those living in council houses to make sure the people who are living in council houses really need them and are not just staying in them for cheap rent. I tend to think that if you can afford private rent you should give the council house up for someone more in need.
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PostSubject: Re: 'Work or lose home'   Wed 06 Feb 2008, 00:17

I can see that argument but on the other hand, for low paid workers the difference between council and private rent could be a disincentive to progress...asthe gap can be quite large.

Also, if someone has been in their home for a long time, lets say single parent, and then they finally are able to support the family by earning- then to force them to move is a barrier to them getting back into the workplace, as well as an upheaval for kids.

Not sure how the other argument will work either. can see the intention, i.e. you shouldn't get something without putting something back, you would hope that the benefits system was ensuring people are getting back to work and not relying on benefits, but sadly it clearly isn't working, with people being placed on long term disability benefits when many should not be there, but instead should be helped into finding work they can do.
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'Work or lose home'
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